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About Lyagushka

We are a software development firm based in London, UK, founded in 2009 by Director James Bourke. James is a city professional with over 20 years' of investment banking experience encompassing trading, risk management and software development.

We are a team of highly skilled banking professionals who have experience in product development, risk management and all aspects of banking operations.

What we do

We provide web-based technology solutions for boutique investment firms that integrate all of their business functions into a single platform. This includes front office functions such as trading and marketing, compliance and post-execution processing.

Our systems are designed to be highly integrated with external service providers, and to reconcile trading positions, valuations and operational risks. This is achieved by leveraging Open Source technology, primarily Ruby on Rails, to provide, hosted, browser-based systems that support worldwide trading operations within global businesses, encompassing business units that can be segregated geographically and by function.

Case Study

Our client required a system that could greatly increase the level of integration between its various business units, enhancing levels of communication and co-ordination. They also required a system that could be tailored to fit the unique operational conditions of their primary investment markets, and could provide risk management and process control that best suited these conditions.

The result is Proton, a system that is bespoke, web-based, and enterprise-wide, and is able to unify our client's activities across their business divisions. Proton allows a collection of different role-based users to communicate globally, with all users sharing information from a centrally hosted database.

Proton completely manages the workflow for all of the firms activities, including: